Decades of Crimes of Passion, Protests, Bank Robberies, and Other Mayhem in Sunnyside, Queens

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sunnyside - Welcome to Queens Gothic

Sunnyside, in the borough of Queens, is a diverse, well-tended neighborhood. Several supermarkets line its streets, and commerce is bustling. Greenpoint Avenue, despite being slightly shabby, remains vibrant. Queens Boulevard slices through, on either side are charming businesses, fast food joints, even a Starbucks. Its architecture is heavy on deco, no surprise since Sunnyside was developed in the 1910s onward, after the 7 subway line was constructed. However, under its idyllic facade lies mafia murder, bank robberies, random crime, drugs, overdoses, a violence seething underneath. These tales of crime and passion are culled primarily from the New York Times archives, and offer another dimension to this proud Queens neighborhood.